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SBC helps a council with NCOS internal capacity building

Sustainable Business Consulting NCOS capacity building

Is this you?

  • Are you tired of having to pay consultants a fee year on year to help you get through the NCOS process for carbon neutral accreditation?
  • Would you like to have a go at filling in the NCOS documentation requirements yourself to increase your knowledge in carbon management?

Then Sustainable Business Consulting’s capacity building program might be a cost-effective option for you.

One of our clients, a council, recently took advantage of this offer. We up-skilled council staff to effectively complete the annual NCOS application in house. We worked with the nominated staff member to complete the NCOS reporting to the standard required to achieve carbon neutral certification on an annual basis. We facilitated the learning of the staff member, including enhancing their ability to identify and meet any challenges in completing the required reports.

The desired outcome was that this council is now able to repeat the process the following year without external assistance. A key deliverable of this project was a report that detailed the NCOS application writing process, including key learnings as well as any feedback provided to the council in preparing the NCOS application. The process was clearly and comprehensively documented so that any new staff member joining the organisation could replicate the process to the level required by NCOS for certification.

Contact us if you are interested in having your staff up-skilled in carbon management or NCOS carbon neutrality: b.albert@sustainablebusinessconsulting.com.au

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