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Whole of Life Costing – SBC helps Built meet TfNSW Sustainability Guidelines requirements

Built has been contracted by TfNSW to build a four-level carpark in Sutherland and SuWhole of life costing for Sutherland car parkstainable Business Consulting is helping Built with meeting the sustainability requirements of TfNSW’s Sustainability Guidelines, version 3. One of the mandatory components of the Guidelines is the submission of a¬†Whole-of-Life Costing¬†report, which we delivered recently.

The Sustainable Design Guidelines seek to deliver sustainable development practices by embedding sustainability initiatives into the design and construction of transport infrastructure projects.

Whole-of-Life Costing (WLC) is a framework, which allows the comprehensive assessment of costs now and in the future, over the entire life cycle of an asset (life cycle cost, or LCC), alongside externalities, income and nonconstruction costs. We calculated all costs in terms of Net Present Value (NPV), to allow for a comparison of present and future cost components.

Often, assets or products costs and impacts are only considered when they are being acquired or constructed. A Whole of Life Costing exercise, on the other hand, considers the asset during the operation, maintenance and disposal phases as well, so that the total cost of ownership can be calculated. The adoption of this approach supports better procurement decision-making and also enables best practice asset management, as well as achieving improvements in social and environmental outcomes.


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