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Sustainability Advantage

SBC staff is represented on all Sustainability Advantage panels

Sustainable Business Consulting (SBC) is a preferred provider for the NSW Government’s Sustainability Advantage Program, managed by the Office of Environment and Heritage. SBC staff are represented on the following Sustainability Advantage panels:

  1. Business Planning for Sustainability
  2. Resource Productivity
  3. Resource Tracker
  4. Employee Engagement
  5. Carbon Leadership
  6. Environmental Risk and Responsibility
  7. External Stakeholder Engagement
  8. Climate Change Risk and Adaptation (we also developed this module)
There is a rigorous selection process to become a panel member and Sustainable Business Consulting has been a preferred partner for the NSW Government since 2010. In addition, we are also represented on the panel for the Energy Efficient Business team. In this capacity, we regularly run energy management training and battery storage courses for NSW businesses and subsequently support those organisations with energy advice.

Please contact the OEH if you would like more information on the services that the NSW Government can offer. Alternatively, we are more than happy to assist you with deciding whether to sign up to this program or with choosing what modules to implement in an organisation.