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Sustainability and climate change have become main stream in 2009 and are at the top of the business agenda for many organisations. The business landscape is changing and the world faces an unprecedented set of challenges at the intersection of climate change, rising energy prices, increasing resource scarcity, and economic/debt restructuring.

While there are opposing views on climate change and whether or not it is human accelerated, climate change poses many challenges and opportunities for businesses moving forward. Climate change will fundamentally affect the way all businesses operate in the future. Adaptation to the increased frequency, intensity and impact of environmental disasters takes on greater significance. Businesses will need to ask whether their business model is still valid if the price of oil rose to $200 a barrel, or if there was a price on carbon of $60 per tonne of greenhouse gas emitted.

Would your business be able to afford or even obtain insurance for premises that are located on a low-lying part of the Australian coast? Is your business prepared for the increased costs that will be associated with current and future accounting and reporting requirements that are imposed by the government? And on the flipside, is your business prepared to see the new business opportunities that are evolving in the transition to a carbon-constrained future? Do you know about available assistance from the government for organisational efforts to become more sustainable?

The world is adapting to climate change and for a business to thrive in the future it needs to embrace sustainability and correctly position itself. Managing a business sustainably means maximising the bottom line, while simultaneously thinking about profit yields, the people and the planet. It is important to think about how your company’s reliance on fresh water, fossil fuels (particularly imported, expensive oil), and virgin raw materials can be reduced. And no matter whether your organisation is large or small, embracing sustainability will most likely save your business money, by using resources such as water, energy and raw materials more efficiently.

Sustainable Business Consulting brings a risk-management approach to sustainability. We will help your business:

  • Analyse stakeholder requirements for your sustainability efforts
  • Identify sustainability risks and their implications
  • Identify climate change opportunities and their implications
  • See business sustainability as a holistic continuous improvement process
  • Identify whether your organisation falls under any legislation, currently or in the future
  • Develop a sustainability strategy
  • Analyse how your competitors respond to climate change
  • Report your sustainability efforts to internal and external stakeholders
  • Engage your employees in your sustainability efforts
  • Adjust internal policies
  • Set baselines
  • Get government assistance for sustainability projects, where applicable

We see sustainability as a journey, not a destination. Please talk to us today for a no obligation discussion on how we can help your organisation become more sustainable in the face of climate change and resource scarcity.