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Carbon Management

Carbon Management

There are many drivers for companies needing to report and/or reduce their carbon emissions. Your company may need to comply with federal or state legislation (e.g., NGERS, CBD etc.). Your company may be facing supply chain pressure to reveal your carbon footprint. Investors may want to know how you address your carbon liability, and more and more customers demand green products and services.

Your business may want to be a socially responsible corporate citizen and alleviate the impact your organisational activities have on the environment.

At Sustainable Business Consulting we understand that every organisation is different and that your situation in relation to carbon management will be unique. When we are engaged we will tailor the solution to your particular needs.

We can help your business:

  • calculate your organisational carbon footprint
  • report to internal and external stakeholders
  • get prepared for external verification of your carbon footprint
  • engage your employees
  • set goals and targets for carbon reduction and offsetting
  • develop business cases for carbon abatement
  • achieve zero emissions and accreditation to the Australian Carbon Neutral standard NCOS, if desired
  • improve data collection and reporting processes
  • adjust policies
  • set baselines
  • project your carbon liability into the future
  • get government assistance
  • understand the implications a carbon price will have on your business

No matter what the driver for your carbon strategy is, or what industry you operate in, you will find that significant savings can be had by looking at opportunities of energy efficiency, changing organisational processes, cutting the carbon impact of organisational travel, employing alternative energy sources, and encouraging your employees to engage in more carbon friendly behaviour.

Please call us today for a no obligation discussion to find out how Sustainable Business Consulting can help your organisation with all aspects of your carbon management strategy.