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Introducing the new Climate Change Risk and Adaptation module

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Barbara, director at Sustainable Business Consulting, presented the new Climate Change Risk and Adaptation module at the Clean Energy Forum, which was organised by the OEH. Sustainable Business Consulting is proud to have developed the content for this new Sustainability Advantage module that is now available for roll-out across the 500+ SA member organisations. Businesses interested in developing a risk plan for current and future climate change risk are ideal candidates for taking this new module. Adaptation to Climate Change is different to carbon mitigation and the focus of the module will be building internal resilience for the changes to come.

The module will be delivered as two workshops. The first workshop will set the scene and evaluate which climate change scenarios are applicable to a particular organisation. The second workshop will be a facilitated risk workshop with key organisational stakeholders to identify and evaluate current and future climate change risks. After the risks have been prioritised, a risk adaptation plan will be developed that will mitigate against all identified extreme, high and some medium risks. Preparation work for the workshop is looking at the existing risk methodology and potentially extending current impact ratings against identified success criteria for the business (across financial, reputational, compliance and other criteria).

In the presentation Barbara talked about how Climate Change is a ‘risk multiplier’ for organisations. It magnifies or alters existing risks, for example water availability or logistics disruption due to extreme weather events. This presentation helped organisations understand how climate change related risks and opportunities affect them, as well as showcasing examples of how companies have already improved their resilience by working to mitigate these risks.

Please find the agenda for the Clean Energy Forum here:
Clean energy forum agenda and summary of sessions

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