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SBC/OEH Energy management training featured in NSWBC magazine

Sustainable Business Consulting - Energy management training

The latest edition of the New South Wales Business Chamber magazine features an article (page 42) about how the Whiddon Group benefitted from undertaking our Energy Management training. To enjoy similar benefits, attend our next training, which starts on 14 July 2015.

Investing some time to learn the basics around energy management is often the first step towards unlocking real commercial benefits for your business, says Barbara Albert, Managing Director of Sustainable Business Consulting. “Being able to analyse and understand your energy bills, for example, could help you negotiate a better deal from your energy supplier.”

Aged and community care provider The Whiddon Group looked into its energy use after attending the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage’s Energy Management Basics course for business, which Albert teaches. Following the course, Whiddon identified energy efficiency improvements at its main aged care facility and the causes behind high power usage at one of its sites. Once fully implemented, the improvements are expected to save the organisation up to $158,000 a year.

“For many businesses, learning the basics is often the first step towards a longer term plan around energy management and its role in driving competitive advantage,” says Albert.

To uncover similar benefits for your business, enroll in our Energy Management course at http://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/business/energy-management-training.htm. The next course starts on 14 July and costs $100 to attend. Participants that attend get access to $3,000 worth of energy management support for a small contribution of only $300.


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