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SBC to deliver free Energy Management courses in Sydney and the Illawarra

Barbara and Lars delivering in WollongongSustainable Business Consulting will deliver three heavily subsidized short courses in Energy Management this year. We are still deciding on the best dates, but one Sydney and one Illawarra course will be held before July, the third one in August.

The courses are sponsored by the Office of Environment and Heritage and course participants only have to pay a small administration fee.

The course consists of two half day workshops at 4.5 hours each, so course participants will find it easy to fit the training in with their busy work schedules. The workshops are spaced 2-3 weeks apart, and course participants work at implementing Energy Management in their organisations in between the workshops. The OEH also sponsors 8 hours of support per class – for free.

Course participants will get a software tool as part of the course that helps them to manage energy effectively in their organisations. The available support can be used for assistance with populating and using the tool.

PLEASE REGISTER YOUR INTEREST BY SENDING AN EMAIL TO c.lata@sustainablebusinessconsulting.com.au

SBC has developed the course material and the Energy Management Software for the NSW Government and has got great experience with delivering the course.

This is what past participants say about the course:

  • “I am filling in the tool as per the example last week. By the way – a great seminar! Thanks for your presentations. They were very easy to listen to and understand.”
  • “For the KPI measurement in the power tool, is it possible to use the customer traffic flow or the square meters of the centre or can I do one of each. I would like to thank you again for a very informative training program.”
  • “The workshop structure was suitable and the workshops were not too long. You come out of there with so much information. The content was good and nothing was missing. The audience was a good mix of people – I learned from them as well. And the facilitators were fantastic! Every energy manager should take this training.”

More information will be released soon, but in the mean time please feel free to forward this post to your network.

PLEASE REGISTER YOUR INTEREST BY SENDING AN EMAIL TO c.lata@sustainablebusinessconsulting.com.au 


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