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SBC presents the Renewable Energy Master Plan to Lismore Council

REMP first pagePatrick and Barbara from SBC flew up to Lismore yesterday to present the Renewable Energy Master Plan to Lismore’s Mayor and the Councillors. Lismore Council will decide next Tuesday on whether the plan will be adopted.

Council’s Renewable Energy goal was Council’s direct response to the ‘Imagine Lismore’ community consultation process, where the community envisaged ‘Lismore being a model of sustainability’.  In support of the community’s vision, Council set the challenge to to become 100% self-sufficient in electricity from renewable resources by 2023.  This goal was adopted by Council in the 10 year Imagine Lismore Plan, and actions to deliver the project are detailed in the Imagine Lismore 4 Year Plan.

Sustainable Business Consulting (SBC) was engaged to work with Council to develop the Renewable Energy Master Plan.  This Plan will guide Council to achieve the renewable energy goal by 2023.

The Renewable Energy Master Plan was developed through consultation with council staff, Councillors, and external stakeholders.  Through this consultation process the goal was refined as:  “Self-generate all of Lismore City Council’s electricity needs from renewable sources by 2023”, and the following priorities were agreed:


  1. Aggressive energy efficiency initiatives to reduce consumption;
  2. Install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems ‘behind the meter’ for all buildings and facilities where possible;
  3. Install solar hot water for all buildings and facilities where possible and
  4. Construct and commission a large-scale solar plant (i.e. utility sized).

The REMP incorporates an Action Plan, which sets out the actions council needs to undertake to achieve the renewable energy goal.  SBC recommends a two-stage process to implement the work required. Stage 1 achieves one third of the goal, and Stage 2 achieves the remaining two thirds. The Action Plan will be reviewed annually and funding for the actions will be determined through council’s annual budget process.


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