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SBC created a new energy management training for building managers in the residential strata sector

Barbara Albert teaching energy to building managers day 2SBC developed a new energy management training course to teach building and strata managers how to analyse and improve the power consumption of common areas in residential apartment blocks.

Participants learned how to read and capture the consumption and demand information presented in utility bills, how to negotiate better tariffs, how to improve the energy performance of their building and how solar PV could be deployed.

The residential strata sector has traditionally been underserviced with energy management training and it was with the help of the City of Sydney and the Office of Environment and Heritage that this training could be created.

The City of Sydney and Green Strata provided case studies for the training, which showed that reductions of 50% can be achieved by being more energy efficient with lighting, HVAC and improved operations and maintenance procedures.

The training was delivered over two training sessions and achieved the following outcomes:

  • Understand the roles of strata, building managers, Owner Corporations, owners and other stakeholders
  • Understand energy basics, concepts, and principles.
  • Understand energy use and baseline performance.
  • Analyse and understand energy bills and contract negotiation.
  • Have a step by step guide on how energy management can be improved
  • Provide practical help with bill management

Participants of the training were very satisfied with the outcomes and the majority claimed that they have now got a much better understanding of how they can improve the energy performance of their buildings.

Barbara Albert teaching energy to building managers day 1Barbara Albert explaining load profiles

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