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SBC completed the site visits and is featured on the local Lismore radio

SBC staff investigating the electricity consumption at Lismore AirportSBC has completed the site visits of Lismore Council’s top electricity consuming sites and undertook an energy situation assessment across all of council’s assets. This involved analysing the energy use and tariffs that apply to LCC’s electricity-using assets.The site visits gave us a good picture of what type and scale of renewable energy systems are possible on the sites. We also looked at potential energy efficiency opportunities that could be implemented to reduce electricity consumption as much as possible before the energy supply is being changed to Renewables.

The next phase of the project will be to consult with Council staff and propose suitable renewable energy options. The final stage will be to deliver a plan for the next ten years on how the objective of 100% self sufficiency in electricity from renewable sources can be met. The photo on the left was taken when Patrick and Barbara were investigating the energy consumption at Lismore Airport.

 News Coverage

SBC got featured in the local news for Lismore. Listen to the radio broadcast here:

It is not surprising that the Lismore Local Government Area leads the nation in solar power, with a higher percentage of households using rooftop solar and/or hot water systems than anywhere else in Australia:

Lismore’s committment to 100% self sufficiency in electricity from renewable sources is also featured on NBN News at


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