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Launch of “100% Renewables” – a company devoted to helping leading organisations and councils achieve 100% renewable energy

100pc renewables vertical 300 It is with great excitement that we are announcing the launch of a new company called 100% Renewables. The purpose of this firmĀ is to help leading organisations and councils with mapping out a path to 100% renewable energy and with implementing and sustaining the plan over time.

100% Renewables was co-founded by Barbara Albert and Patrick Denvir who have been developing plans to achieve 100% renewable energy since 2014. They were theĀ principal consultants of the renewable energy master plans for Lismore (2014) and Coffs Harbour (2015) City Councils, two of the first councils in Australia to commit to a 100% goal. Recently, Lismore Council gained official recognition for their achievements by winning the Green Globe award and by being showcased as one of only two Australian case studies at COP 21 in Paris.

After analysing the market in depth, we found that most organisations have the following problems with committing to a goal of 100% renewable energy:

1) They don’t know what their options are and don’t have the in-house experience to develop a pathway to 100%
2) They don’t know how much it will cost them, and how their competitors and customers value the achievement
3) They lack senior management commitment and buy-in from key organisational stakeholders

We have a proven methodology for overcoming these hurdles. We package feasible, preferred and financially viable energy efficiency and renewable energy options in a plan that has the buy-in and ownership of senior management and key stakeholders. We deliver a fully costed strategy with financial delivery options and a timeline for the pathway to 100%. The end result is an engaged workforce that is fully aware of what cooperation is required for the implementation of the plan. Our strategy is easy to understand and focuses on the commercial business cases that demonstrate the financial advantages. The ultimate benefit is the ability for our client to show cost-effective sustainability leadership and to thrive in a market where competitors might already be seizing this opportunity.

If you are interested in how 100% renewable energy might work for your organisation, please get in touch with Barbara at 0408 487 648 or Patrick at 0408 413 597

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