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This is what our clients say about us:

On our consulting:

“Sustainable Business Consulting kept something technical simple” -General Manager at Law Firm

“Sustainable Business Consulting were on site and we had a very productive day. It is always a pleasure to work with such passionate professional people. We have been able to extrapolate information back and generate carbon footprints for the previous 4 years, and its set up such that we can move forwards collating data and measuring the carbon footprint in line with our environmental management system objectives. We are able to reference the emissions data. We are able to present the data in meaningful graphs. We also discussed how to upgrade the spread sheet to incorporate the commercial operations.” -Quality Assurance Manager, Manufacturing Plant

“Sustainable Business Consulting are great at explaining carbon and energy terminology” -Lawyer at Law Firm

On our presentations/workshops/trainings:

“I would like to thank you again for a very informative training program.” -Shopping Centre Operations Manager

“I am filling in the tool as per the example last week. By the way – a great seminar! Thanks for your presentations. They were very easy to listen to and understand.” -Private School, Facility Manager

“Thanks for an excellent presentation, please find attached the evaluation summary, these are the highest scorers we have had in a long time. We often have the same members attend our monthly professional development session, your session attracted a lot of new faces.”-Green IT presentation at ISACA