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What if Greenhouse Gases were visible?

Greenhouse gases are invisible. But what if we could see the carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide emissions coming from our cars, trucks, power stations, manufacturing plants, landfill sites and from agriculture? Would that cause us to change our behaviour? ABCNews published a video to help people visualise carbon dioxide emissions.

Visualising carbon emissions

In 2010 the City of New York emitted about 54 million tones of carbon emissions. This represents a drop of 7 million tons over 2005 levels, and is lower compared to other big US cities, but this still represents roughly about a tenth of all of Australia’s emissions. To give a sense of what those carbon emissions would look like if we could see them, a video was produced, which shows New York City’s carbon emissions accumulating in giant one-tonne balls of gas.

New York City’s greenhouse gas emissions as one-tonne spheres of carbon dioxide gas


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