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SBC wins EUA contract with Penrith City Council

Posted On November 20, 2012

Sustainable Business Consulting (SBC) signed a contract with Penrith City Council for the provision of ‘Environmental Upgrade Agreement Building Stock Survey and Upgrade Scenarios’. The purpose of the project is to provide Penrith City Council with an analysis of the current commercial and industrial building stock in the Penrith Local Government Area and demonstrate potential benefits from the application of…

Wollongong Energy Training

Posted On November 19, 2012

Lars Lohmann and Barbara Albert will deliver day 2 of the energy management training to Wollongong participants on Wednesday, 21 November. Training participants had to fill in an energy management tool that we provided them with in the first session. The filled-in tools will be presented to the class to find how the energy performance of the particular organisation can…

ISO 50001 Energy Management Certification

Posted On November 18, 2012

Pioneering organisations, like ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe, POSCO, the Korean steel maker, or Bridgestone Plant have all achieved certification to the international ISO 50001 standard for energy management. The standard came out in July 2011 and is gaining more and more acceptance with organisations wanting to manage their energy better. ISO 50001 is based on the typical Plan-Do-Check-Act model of ISO management…

CSIRO releases an energy scenario charting tool

Posted On November 16, 2012

CSIRO released an online modeling tool called “eFuture”. The tool allows users to decide on electricity demand, energy source price, technology costs and intermittency backup, and understand some of the consequences. The tool produces graphs based on what scenarios the user selected. The graphs below show the following scenario: Medium demand for electricity, high fuel price, medium cost scenario for…

October 2012: SBC Facilitators to Deliver Carbon Management Module for NSW Government’s Sustainability Advantage Program

Posted On October 25, 2012

Lars Lohmann and Genevieve Lee from Sustainable Business Consulting are appointed as facilitators to deliver the Carbon Management Module under the NSW Government’s Sustainability Advantage Program.

October 2012: SBC Awarded Preferred Supplier to the NSW Government

Posted On October 25, 2012

Sustainable Business Consulting contract extended as preferred supplier to the NSW Government Sustainable Business Consulting’s contract with the NSW Government for the provision of sustainability services has been extended to August 2014. Sustainable Business Consulting is proud to deliver the following modules under the NSW Government’s Sustainability Advantage Program: Carbon Management Business Planning for Sustainability External Stakeholder Engagement Environmental Risk…

October 2012: SBC Complete Energy Management Basics Training

Posted On October 25, 2012

The pilot phase of the Energy Management Basics Training was successfully completed and the material finalised. Due to the huge success of the training and popularity with sustainability and energy managers, it is now being rolled out throughout NSW. October 2012: Newcastle November 2012: Wollongong December 2012: Tamworth

September 2012: SBC Develops Carbon Management Train-the-Trainer for Sydney TAFE

Posted On September 25, 2012

Sustainable Business Consulting develops and rolls out the carbon management train-the-trainer training for Sydney TAFE teaching staff.

September 2012: SBC Achieve NCOS Accredited Carbon Neutrality for Oak Flats Bowling and Recreation Club

Posted On September 25, 2012

We achieve NCOS accredited carbon neutrality for Oak Flats Bowling and Recreation Club in record time. We have been helping the Club since 2011 with their carbon accounting and reduction efforts. In 2012 the Club felt they were ready to take their carbon management efforts to the next level and become carbon neutral. Sustainable Business Consulting helped with all aspects…

August 2012: SBC Presents “Carbon Management for the Aged Care Sector”

Posted On August 1, 2012

Lars Lohmann gives a talk on Carbon Management for the Aged Care Sector at the Aged Care Sustainability Forumat the Grace Hotel in Sydney. Sustainable Business Consulting is a specialist in providing carbon consulting services to the aged care sector and has implemented carbon management at 5 aged care providers thus far.